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We are on a mission of digital transformation with an exceptional focus on automation, smart city, & smart health solutions. Streaming for perfection we deploy technologies of AI, high-performance computers, & cyber security. 

Our goal is to effectively support the digital and green transformation of SMEs & public sector organisations in Vilnius region.

Test before invest

The EDIH VILNIUS will provide “test before invest” services which will accelerate development and implementation of innovative digital technologies. This group of services include: (1) providing information on pre-investment testing opportunities and options for digital transformation; (2) assessment of digital maturity level; (3) demonstration activities, demonstration of prototypes and digital equipment to test the equipment before investing; (4) digital transformation modelling; (5) promoting the integration, adaptation and personalization of different technologies; (6) performing tests and experiments using digital technologies (software and hardware); (7) knowledge and technology transfer.

Skills & training

We offer training and support services in the development of digital skills. These services will include the following activities: (1) short-term courses, seminars; (2) innovation workshops and hackathons;  (3) business accelerators.

Innovation ecosystem & networking

EDIH promotes the networking of digital technology providers & end-to-end users, development of digital networking technologies, & accessibility of the innovation ecosystem.
The following groups of services are planned: (1) Search for technological partners/technology brokerage (2) Search for supply chain partners (3) Organisation of Technology / Innovation Partnership meetings (4) Facilitation of projects promoting digital transformation in sectors / companies (various public events).

Support to find investments

EDIH VILNIUS performs the dissemination of information on the different funding opportunities for SMEs & the public sector, assistance in receiving the necessary funding for different needs of SMEs and the public sector as well as providing assistance in evaluating business ideas and encouraging SMEs and the public sector to develop innovative and competitive products.

The main steps of helping to attract investments for SMEs are: (1) Diagnosis of the investment readiness of the company, covering market attractiveness, differentiation, maturity, business model and strength of the team (2) Investor deck review, rewriting or preparation, depending on its stage and quality (3) Organisation of investors introduction meeting whose investment thesis fits with the SMEs field of activity.

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