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  • Who can apply for these services?
    SMEs and the public sector institutions.
  • How are the services provided? What does the process look like?
    1. We assess your organisation's digital maturity level. 2. We provide you with a proposal for the most suitable EDIH VILNIUS services for you. 3. EDIH VILNIUS experts provide digitalization services. 4. We assess how your organisation's digital maturity level has changed since the services were provided.
  • Who is providing the digitalization services?
    Digitalisation services are being provided by the experts from 9 members in the EDIH consortium: Sunrise Tech Park, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius University, Lithuanian Robotics Association, Visoriai Information Technology Park, Lithuanian Biotechnology Association, Center for Physical Sciences & Technology (FTMC), Smart Health DIH, ID Vilnius.
  • How much do the services cost?
    Service fees will be covered by de-minimis support, therefore SMEs won’t experience any expenditures.

Frequently asked questions

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